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Still Alcohol Spirits

How Do I make Spirits?

It is so easy to make excellent spirits and liqueurs that will really impress you and your friends. Imagine your very own classic Scotch Whisky or genuine Tennesse Bourbon beautifully aged in oak. In  fact, ispirits has over 100 great spirits and liqueurs to choose from.

Check out our handy cross reference tool to discover how you can match up your favourite commercial drink or cocktail.

If you are not sure where to start, check out our FAQs section on Things you should know before getting Started.


Step One Fermentation... making your alcohol base

To make the alcohol in the first place, you have to ferment special sugars such as dextrose/glucose or Still Spirits Turbo Sugar.  Still Spirits Turbo Yeasts have been developed for this purpose. Using a 30L air tight fermenter barrel simply add water sugars and Turbo yeast to make 25L of alcohol base known as a “wash”. The yeast coverts the sugar to CO2 and alcohol specifically designed for distillation of clean spirit. In a week or less your fermentation will be complete and you will have between 14 and 20% alcohol wash ready for distillation


Step Two Distillation

Having fermented the alcohol wash, you now have the option to distill it to purify & increase its strength. You will need a still which will cost as little as $300 and up to $800 to separate the water and alcohol in the distillation process. As Alcohol has a much lower boiling point than water a still allows you to simply collect the alcohol vapour and cool it back down to collect high strength distillate. This is the key to making at 40% spirit. This will take from 2 to 4 hours depending on your equipment.

This process is legal in NZ & some other countries. Although it is legal to buy a small still in Australia & use it for distilling essential oils & water, it is not legal to use it for distilling alcohol.



Step Three Carbon Filtering

At this stage, the alcohol you have made may still contain very small amounts of impurities which are bi-products of the fermentation process. These impurities are not harmful but will add unwanted tastes to your spirit if you do not filter.   Special "activated carbon" has the ability to absorb these impurities & remove them from the alcohol. You make this happen by running your spirit through a gravity fed "carbon filter". You will now have clean pure spirit with no taste at all. A batch of spirit is best filtered nice and slow so plan on 2 -8 hours depending on the batch size.


Step Four Choose an Essence & Enjoy

Finally you adjust the strength of your spirit back to 40% by adding water & add the flavour essence of your choice. Although some people have the impression that a flavouring essence will produce an unsatisfactory copy of the real thing, but as you will discover in practice, this is far from the truth. In fact, manyof  the commercial manufacturers including global whisky and bourbon brands, for example, make their products in exactly the same way by blending flavour essences & spirit to clean filtered spirit.