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Still Alcohol Spirits

In 2009 Ispirits, was created by the world’s oldest Home Brewing Business, Melbourne’s Australian Home Brewing est. 1968. We just love craft spirit making.

Our Story  & why Spirits became a “game-changer”

Ispirits is Australia’s first website totally dedicated to making of craft spirits at home.  Why? It was apparent to all at Australian Home Brewing that the Home Brewing Industry was changing rapidly and craft spirit making was becoming a dominant force on the Australian DIY brewing scene. For the brewing enthusiast it was no longer just about beer and we had to roll with the times and do something big about spirits.

Australian Home Brewing has always been a pioneer.  We are in our 45th year and are proudly the world’s first dedicated home brewing business. In the mid 90’s we were amongst the very first to introduce DIY spirits to Australia. Our brewers loved it and for the first time they could easily create small batch spirits at home that were absolutely commercial grade. The cost saving were massive and their mates loved it.  As you can imagine it was a game changer and we have never looked backed. Today Craft Spirit Making now rivals the home brewing of beer and the explosion in popularity shows no signs of slowing.

Why the name Ispirits…?

Well because it is a catchy cool name that says exactly what we do. “I”, is obviously for the Internet and not so obviously for “the ego of oneself”, which will be greatly inflated after you become a master spirit maker.   

We might exist on the internet but I can assure you we are very real people who just love what we do.

Yep, you guessed it we just love the world of making spirits and brewing and we know our gear is too good not to share. Keep it simple, have fun and please make spirits that will blow your mates, colleagues, neighbours, family and whoever else you can think of, away. The price you will pay for your new found popularity is that they will never stop raiding your stash and drinking your cellar dry. Goes with the territory I am afraid…. Have a Blast


Hamish Rodgers-Wilson -

Ispirits & Australian Home Brewing

24 Eskay Rd Oakleigh South - Melbourne - Australia

Enjoying a drink and bbbq lunch with the Ispirits & Australian Home Brewing Crew Enjoying a drink and bbbq lunch with the Ispirits & Australian Home Brewing Crew

Our Guarantee

You will love everything you buy from isprits or we will replace it or give you your money back. Click for more info on our guarantee.

Regardless of your spirit needs, if making great spirits is your go then you have come to the right place. The lads and ladies at Australian Home Brewing guarantee it. 

Have a fun and please remember to share your best spirits


The Team @ iSpirits & Australian Home Brewing